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Know Whose Milk Provides More Calcium - Cow or Buffalo?

Cow & Buffalo Milk which Is Better

Cow & Buffalo Milk which Is Better : Whether it is cow's milk or buffalo's milk, both are healthy. Not only this, both are beneficial for the body. You must have always heard the elders in your house saying that if you want good sleep then you should drink buffalo milk and sleep at night. You will be surprised to know that mostly buffalo milk is used to make curd, kheer, payasam, malai, kulfi and ghee. No matter what kind of milk it is, it is very nutritious. If a person drinks only one glass of milk every day. So his body gets all the necessary nutrients.

Actually, this milk is one of the best sources of calcium. Not only this, it is also necessary for strong bones and teeth. Along with common people, doctors also give the same opinion to the people. If someone wants to remain healthy and fit. So drink milk daily. Let us tell you which milk is more beneficial.

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Which milk is better

Let us tell you that water is very important for every person. In such a situation, if you want to increase the amount of water in your body. So you start drinking cow's milk. Happens. Cow's milk contains 90 percent water. And it helps in keeping your body hydrated. If we talk about calcium then if you take buffalo milk then 250 calcium is taken daily. So the amount of calcium in it will be 412 mg calcium. Apart from this, phosphorus, magnesium and chloride are also present in it. Which is good for health. Not only this, the fat found in it is very beneficial for the bones.

Now if we talk about cow, then if you take a cup of cow's milk. So 305 mg calcium is present in it. If you drink this milk daily. So this reduces bone related diseases. It is a good source of calcium. You get protein, vitamin A and vitamin D in abundance in this milk.

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Publish Date: January 20, 2024

Posted By Abhishek

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