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This is World's Strangest Fruit, its Name 'Ghost Apple', Do You Know about it

Ghost Apple

YuvaPatrkaar : Apple is the most consumed fruit throughout the world. Apple is considered very nutritious among fruits. There is a saying that if you eat apple daily then many diseases stay away from you. So there are many varieties of apples all over the world. Some of which you may have tasted, but some you may still be unaware of, but today we are going to tell you about the apple. You might hardly know about him. The name of this apple is 'Ghost Apple'. Videos and photos of this fruit often go viral on social media, which astonish people.

Actually, this is such a fruit in the world that no one can eat. This post has been shared on social media platform X (earlier Twitter) with an account named @Rainmaker1973. Whose caption reads- 'Do you know? The 'ghost apple' is one such phenomenon. In which when there is freezing rain, snow accumulates on the apples growing on the trees. And then the apple falls down, leaving behind this icy shell. These ghost apples were seen in Michigan.

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For the first time in the year 2019, a farmer from the American state of Michigan had given information about this 'ghost apple'. The farmer had seen the structure of these apples made of ice in his garden.

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Publish Date: December 06, 2023  

Posted By Abhishek

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