4 Zodiac Signs including Taurus-Cancer Get Energy, Success, Job, Aries-Gemini Be Careful

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Today's Horoscope 10 August 2023: Talking about the position of today's planets, Guru and Rahu are sitting in Aries. Moon is transiting in Taurus and is exalted. Venus and Sun are in Cancer and Venus is transiting retrograde. Mercury and Mars are sitting in Leo. Ketu is sitting in Libra while Saturn is transiting in Aquarius in retrograde state. Let's know the future of 12 zodiac signs


  1. Aries will have to control the tongue
  2. It is necessary to think carefully before investing capital
  3. There will be feelings of hope and despair in the mind
  4. need to pay attention to health
  5. Moon is sitting in the second house
  6. adhere to moral values
  7. success in some work
  8. more likely to succeed today
  9. Can get job offers
  10. Be cautious in the matter of health, relations will be strong.


  1. mind will be calm and happy
  2. be able to do other things
  3. have to accept responsibility
  4. professional life is going to be good
  5. Travel can prove beneficial today
  6. get to learn something new
  7. can take knowledge of technical education
  8. The mind will be happy, will remain the center of attraction
  9. It will be necessary to control mental instability.


  1. Mind will be troubled for Gemini
  2. be haunted by the fear of the unknown
  3. mental problems will continue
  4. good health
  5. love status is good
  6. business is going well
  7. Moon is sitting in 12th house
  8. legal matters will be resolved
  9. It is necessary to be careful with our own people as much as we are careful with strangers.
  10. You will need to control anger at the workplace
  11. Can read into trouble due to arguments and anger
  12. May have to suffer financially.


  1. Moon is sitting in 11th house
  2. try to increase income
  3. can make a new plan
  4. Will handle work pressure easily today
  5. need to be careful while traveling
  6. drive carefully it is easy to get hurt
  7. There are chances of an accident happening.
  8. Good news will be received in financial matters
  9. The condition of health love is good.


  1. Will get political and business benefits
  2. There are signs of victory in the court.
  3. good health
  4. Although there may be a lack of energy
  5. Things to consider before investing in business today
  6. Moon will sit in the tenth house, there may be some changes in the job.
  7. Smart work will benefit today
  8. today will be better
  9. Better results can be found.


  1. Moon will sit in the ninth house for Virgo
  2. luck will shine with someone's help
  3. Your work will be appreciated at workplace
  4. Along with this there may be acidity problem.
  5. family will stand by you today
  6. Today you will get praise at the political and social level.
  7. luck will favor
  8. travel will be beneficial
  9. The stalled work will be completed.


  • conditions look unfavorable
  • Today it is being advised to avoid taking any kind of risk.
  • health will be moderate
  • love status is good
  • child's condition is good
  • Moon is in the eighth house
  • may have heard while traveling
  • You can get profit in hotel business.
  • be patient
  • time will definitely be on your side
  • Having Patience in You Can Benefit You
  • Overconfidence should be avoided today
  • Complete any work only after doing research.


  1. Moon will be in the seventh house
  2. business will pick up
  3. business can be profitable
  4. Smart work can lead to higher status in the workplace
  5. Can be troubled by the problem of spinal pain
  6. Every member of the family will stand by you
  7. job position will be good
  8. Lover-girlfriend status is looking good
  9. Relationship with life partner will be strong.


  1. Opponents can harm Sagittarius
  2. Today you may have to face some trouble
  3. Health will be moderate. Love condition is good.
  4. child's condition is good
  5. business is going well
  6. Moon will be in the sixth house
  7. Will get rid of the enmity of the enemies
  8. there could be some kind of conflict
  9. thousands of things can change with time
  10. Students preparing for competitive exams will get good marks through hard work
  11. Can buy an expensive gift.


  1. Moon will be in 5th house
  2. Parents will get happiness from children
  3. You can get a lot of profit
  4. Will be successful in solving problems at workplace
  5. Prepare for competitive exams, students will get success through tireless efforts.
  6. Today is going to be a good day with life partner
  7. It will be necessary for Capricorn to control himself.


  1. Can be a victim of home tribulation
  2. health will be moderate
  3. love status is good
  4. child's condition is good
  5. business is going well
  6. Moon will be in the fourth house
  7. There may be a problem in the renovation work in the house.
  8. Unemployed will find it difficult to get a job
  9. Special care has to be taken of health today.
  10. Can get in trouble.


  1. It will be necessary to keep an eye on the company of the younger sister.
  2. evil may trouble you today
  3. stay strong in religion
  4. Also prepare a plan before investing
  5. Investing in property would be a good idea
  6. Although testing is necessary
  7. Can plan travel with life partner
  8. today is going to be a good day for you

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