Astrological Prediction For Thursday i.e. 21 December

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Horoscope December 21, 2023 : Know horoscope Thursday i.e. December 21 from Pandit Sambhu Tiwari, people of these zodiac signs should be careful, disputes can increase troubles.

Aries – There will be economic progress today. There will be an increase in the accumulated funds. Liabilities will be less. Today there will be a favorable situation in the job.

Taurus – There will be growth in business. Today you will get support from subordinates in your job. Investment will be auspicious. There will be happiness in the family.

Gemini – Today the journey will be entertaining. You will enjoy delicious food. be in good shape. Don't get into trouble today.

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Cancer – There will be less competition today. Avoid using light words in speech. Things may get worse. There will be fear of enemies.

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Leo – A new plan will be made today. There will be improvement in functioning. Lovers will spend quality time with their partner.

Virgo – There will be concern about the health of your spouse. Dispute will cause distress. Be careful while using vehicles and machinery.

Libra – More efforts will have to be made. Don't get misled by others. Don't pay attention to useless things. Profit will increase.

Scorpio – There will be compatibility in love affairs today. You may have to give presents and gifts. Efforts will be successful. Investment will be auspicious.

Sagittarius – Good news will be received from far away. Guests will arrive at home. There will be expenditure. Even the right work may face opposition.

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Capricorn – Efforts to get employment will be successful. There may be unexpected profits today. Today business will go as per your wish.

Aquarius – Business trip will be successful. Today there will be opportunities for profit. Act with discretion. Profit will increase.

Pisces – There will be laughter and romantic atmosphere with your partner today. Unexpected expenses will arise. There will be worries.

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Publish Date: December 21, 2023 

Posted By Ravi Kumar

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