These People Will Get Success in Matter of Land-Property & Court, Know Your Today's Horoscope

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17 August 2023

Today's Horoscope 17 August 2023: According to Sanatan Hindu Panchang, 17th August is Sawan Pratipada (first) date. Which will remain till 05.35 in the evening. After this, the second date of Sawan Shukla Paksha will begin. The day is Thursday. Today there are coincidences of Parigha and Shiv Yoga with Magha and Purvaphalguni Nakshatra.

Moon is transiting in Leo today. While Sun is transiting from Cancer and entering its own sign Leo. Due to the combined effect of all the 9 planets and 27 constellations, today, August 17, 2023, for all the 12 zodiac signs, the day is likely to be something like this. Read your horoscope today.

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People of Aries zodiac if you are willing to build your own house. So today you can lay the foundation of the house. Today you will make new friends. There will be an increase in your confidence. Buying new vehicles is becoming a possibility. Health will remain good.


People of Taurus should have confidence in themselves today. Although the day will be full of ups and downs, but before the evening many confusions will get resolved. The blessings of elders and teachers will remain. Students need to make special efforts today.


Today, the people of Gemini will be spent in social work. Employed people will work with restraint. Traders and contractors can get new contracts. The hard work done in the right direction after thinking carefully will be successful. Will be happy with the accomplishment.

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Today is the day of special effort for the people of Cancer zodiac to increase their income. There will be opportunities to participate in religious works. Will meet eminent and learned persons. Businessmen will be able to dare to take risks.


The people of Leo zodiac can suffer from laziness today. Minor problems in family life will come up, but they will be resolved. There are chances of a member getting a job in the house. Financial strength will remain, but be extra careful in transactions.

Virgo Daily

The people of Virgo can get cheated by someone today. Don't blindly trust anyone. Don't get provoked by anyone today. Guidance of an enlightened person can be obtained on any problem. Time will be spent in shopping for essential household items.


Today will be a busy day for the people of Libra zodiac. The prestige of the people associated with politics will increase in the society. Keep restraint on speech. There will be an increase in the respect of the people associated with education. Take special care of food and drink. Health can be bad.

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Today is the day for the people of Scorpio zodiac to make the old thought work successful. You will get the result of hard work. The administrative work of the officers will be successful. The journey will be pleasant and entertaining. Manglik work can happen in the family. Will get the support of the life partner.


Today's day for the people of Sagittarius will be spent in intellectual debate. Employed people will get full support of higher officials. Farmers will get success in agriculture due to rain. Big deals can give big benefits in the purchase and sale of real estate. be in good shape. Avoid over-enthusiasm.


Today is the day for the people of Capricorn to make special efforts for the advancement of their fortune. Today can prove to be a golden opportunity for people associated with land and house business. There are chances of the unemployed getting work. Family harmony will remain.


On this day, the interest of the people of Aquarius will increase in religion and work, the inclination towards spirituality will increase. There are chances of going to a relative's place for some auspicious work. The people associated with the work of the court will get political support. Child happiness is best.

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Today, the day of the people of Pisces will be spent in planning to do some big work. There may be some health related problems. Businessmen will benefit in business. Employed people should be careful, the officers will make special inquiries regarding any issue. Drive the vehicle carefully.

Posted Date: August 17, 2023

Publish Date: August 17, 2023

Posted By Ravi Kumar

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