Unlucky Plants: Do Not Plant These Plants Even By Mistake, it Can Lead To Poverty and Destruction

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Poverty and Destruction

Vastu Plant For Home: Some trees and plants have been described as very good and auspicious in Vastu Shastra. It is said that some plants bring happiness in the house. While there are some plants which work to make the house poor. By applying these plans at home, your progress stops. Such plants are considered inauspicious for your home. But, many times people plant some such plants in order to increase the greenery and beauty of the house. That they do not realize that they can also become the cause of your ruin. So come, today we tell you about some such plants.

Thorny plants – According to Vastu Shastra, thorny plants should never be planted except roses in the house or office. These plants can destroy your life. By applying them, your progress also stops. That's why it is said not to plant this plant.

Tamarind plant – According to Vastu Shastra, tamarind plant should not be planted in the house even by mistake. Planting this plant creates an atmosphere of tension in the house. Along with this, a fight also starts in the family. Along with this, negativity remains in the house.

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Mehndi plant - such is the belief. That henna plant is also very inauspicious. And it should not be planted in the house. This can destroy your life. Evil powers reside in the henna plant.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. Yuvapatrkaar.com does not confirm this. Before putting any belief into practice, consult the relevant expert.

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