Sugar Rates: Check Sugar Price, Latest Rate Reach Record Level of 6 Year

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Sugar Rates: On one hand, the festive season is going on, on top of that, inflation is increasing day by day. Both these sugar rates can spoil your taste. For information, let us tell you that in the last 15 days the prices of sugar have increased by three percent. It is being told that the price of sugar has reached the highest level of 6 years. Along with this, due to less rains, sugarcane production has also decreased.

There was a jump in the price of sugar

According to News Reporters, the sugar rates in the market have gone up to Rs 37,760 per tonne on Tuesday. Earlier in 2017, sugar prices had reached close to the current price. It is being estimated that the price of sugar is going to increase further in the coming times. The reason for this is the less rain in the past days. Sugarcane production has declined due to less rainfall. Although the government has already realized the situation, that's why the government has made strict on exports.

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There is a possibility of reduced production in these states

Ashok Jain, President of the Bombay Sugar Merchants Association, told that there is a possibility of less production in the sugar mill in the new season. That is why a rise in sugar rates has been seen even in the present times. The main reason for this is less rainfall in major sugarcane producing states like Maharashtra and Karnataka.

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direct impact on festivals

Sweets are made on festivals. Therefore the cost of sugar increases. But this time due to the rise in the sugar price, its direct effect is being seen on the festival. Before sugar, the common people had to bear the burden of inflation due to the increase in the rate of food items like tomato, onion.

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Publish Date: September 6, 2023

Posted By Rahul Bhardwaj

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