An Elevated Road Will Be Built Between These 2 Districts of UP, Will Cover Distance of 80KM in 45 Minutes

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An Elevated Road Will Be Built Between These 2 Districts of UP, Will Cover Distance of 80KM in 45 Minutes

UP Elevated Road: Every day lakhs of people go from Lucknow and Kanpur for work. In daily life, it takes one and a half to two hours to cover the distance of eight hundred km between the two cities. But due to heavy traffic in the morning and evening, sometimes it takes four to five hours. Passengers will soon get rid of this problem.

18 km protected route, 45 km forest route

Lucknow-Kanpur Expressway, which is 63 km long. There will be an elevated route of 18 km. The remaining 45 km will be built on farms.

Lucknow will be connected to Ring Road

Lucknow-Kanpur Expressway will be connected to Lucknow Ring Road, which will reduce traffic on the road. The expressway will start from Shaheed Path in Lucknow and will connect Nawabganj to Kanpur via Banthra, Bani, Datauli Kantha, Taura, Neorna, Amarsas and Rawal.

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The vehicle can accelerate at a speed of 120 km/h.

An 84 km long six-lane road will be built from Unnao to Bani. Vehicles will be able to run at a speed of 120 km/h on the expressway. The launch of the expressway will also lead to industrial development in the area.

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The route will pass through these villages

Delhi: Amausi, Bani, Banthra Sikandarpur, Behsa, Farrukhabad Chillawan, Gehru, Gauri, Khandedev, Miranpur Pinwat, Natkur and Sarayan Shahzari.

Elections: Bajehra, Hinaura, Hasnapur, Sahrawan, Kashipur, Bhikhamau, Kantha, Sariya, Bachhaura, Kudikapur/Manikapur, Medpur, Raipur, Turi Chavinath, Turi Raja Saheb, Pathakpur, Taura, Jagehatha, Padri Khurd,

Jargaon, Gauri Shankarpur Grant, Naverna, Shippur Grant, Aderwa, Behta, Modinpur, Amarsus

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Rs 4700 crore

Bharatmala project is doing this work. Rs 4,700 crore will be spent on this. Special technology is used to make girders for elevated roads. This route will cross NH-25 for about 3.5 km.

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Publish Date: December 30, 2023

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