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Big Update For Electricity Consumers of UP

Big Update For Electricity Consumers of UP

UP Power Corporation: Electricity defaulters have got an important improvement. The electricity department officials have really tried to teach a lesson to those who do not pay electricity bills on time and those who steal. Is being told. That now the connection will be disconnected even if Rs 5,000 is outstanding. On Thursday, a campaign to recover outstanding bills from defaulters was conducted across the city, in which 30 connections were disconnected in Chhauch and Kheri Nagar, 24 connections in Garhi area, 13 connections in Nai Basti area and 15 connections in Collectorate sub-centre area.

These consumers had outstanding dues of Rs 14.69 lakh for a long time, said Executive Engineer Shailendra Singh. Revenue of Rs 13.23 lakh has been collected in the campaign. XEN reported that consumers for whom electricity bills are outstanding. He was already informed, but he is not collecting the revenue. Now this campaign will be run every day.

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This big campaign will run for so many days in UP

Electricity department officials will go door-to-door across the state. A massive campaign will start in the state from April 1. Meters will have to be changed in every house. Smart meters will be installed in their place. This operation will take place in the battlefield. Preparations for the campaign have been completed. Officials say. That after the installation of smart meters, electricity theft will reduce to a great extent. Along with this, customers will also be saved from frequently receiving wrong bills. Consumers will pay for each unit of electricity. Overall, electricity usage and payment will be completely transparent.

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The UP government has set a target of installing smart meters in the homes of all consumers by 2025. The management of Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation has ordered the companies winning the tender to complete the work within the stipulated time. A senior official of Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation said that the operation will start on war footing from the middle of next month (March-2024) or from April 1.

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2.69 crore consumer meters, 15.26 lakh DT meters and about 20 thousand feeder meters will be installed in this campaign. The contract with the institutions selected through tender for installation of meters has been completed. Installing so many smart meters will cost approximately Rs 18885 crore.

Reader became a problem for nine thousand customers

Nine thousand consumers of Gorakhpur area are troubled by wrong bills of electricity readers. The Chief Engineer has sought information about this from the bill collecting company. Instructions have also been given to correct the bill. Is being told. That the meter reader sometimes feeds more and sometimes less units without going through it. From which the bill is made. Every section of Gorakhpur area is complaining about this. Consumers are worried about getting these bills corrected due to the carelessness of meter readers.

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Publish Date: February 24, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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