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Delhi Metro: Metro Passengers Will Now Be Able To Book Tickets Through Phone

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Delhi Metro Update: Booking tickets in Delhi Metro has now become very easy with the mobile application called One Delhi. After this, passengers will be able to travel in both bus and metro without any hassle.

Important news for passengers traveling in Delhi Metro: Passengers in DTC buses can already buy tickets through a Delhi app. Giving information, it was told that now this service is available for Metro also. Metro Bhawan started this facility. DMRC Managing Director Dr Vikas Kumar, IAS Transport Commissioner Ashish Kundra and Mobility Center head Pravesh Biyani were also present during this period. DMRC is also currently selling digital QR tickets through multiple channels such as WhatsApp, Paytm, DMRC Travel App and PhonePe. Around 1.2 lakh digital tax tickets are sold every day through these channels.

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Now Metro passengers can use One Delhi App to issue digital QR tickets only for DTC buses. Average ticket sales are 1.5 lakh with 3 lakh daily active users. Another channel for issuing Delhi Metro tickets, QR tickets (for Metro and DTC buses) will now be linked to this app. Metro passengers will also get special benefits from this. This decision has been taken to make traveling by Delhi Metro even more enjoyable.

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Publish Date: January 07, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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