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Delhi Weather: Cold Has Become a Problem For People of Delhi, Havoc of Cold Will Continue For Many More Days

Delhi Weather: Cold Has Become a Problem For People of Delhi, Havoc of Cold Will Continue For Many More Days

Delhi Weather : National festival is being celebrated today on the path of duty. Despite fog and cold wave, people like this festival very much. All tickets for the venue have been sold. The Meteorological Department said that there will be moderate to dense fog in the morning. In such a situation, people should be careful on the road. A yellow alert has been issued along with fog. At some places, cold wave will also be seen in the morning. The ceremony will start at 10:30 am. In such a situation, the fog will reduce by then, but the visibility will not be completely clear. There will be high cloud conditions in the capital also on January 26. Clouds will prevail at higher altitudes.

How will the weather be ahead?

Government weather agency Skymet says. That two Western Disturbances will remain deployed in the mountains till February 4. Due to its effect, there will be light snowfall in the first and moderate snowfall in the second. After snowfall in Delhi, cold wind will blow again. This will increase the cold. Therefore, the impact of winter may be almost evident by February 15. Also, experts say. That El Nino is at its best right now. In such a situation, people may suddenly have to face extreme heat in March. is certain. That climate change is bringing changes in the weather.

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Why is there dense fog?

The India Meteorological Department said one of the main reasons for the persistence of a hazy layer of fog over the plains of the region since December 25 is the lack of active western disturbance weather systems. The lack of active Western Disturbance weather systems in the Mediterranean region leads to unseasonal rainfall. This region is often affected by five to seven western disturbances in these months.

It is said in this. That no major western disturbance has occurred in this region so far this winter. Till now there have been two western disturbances over the country. The first in December and the second in January, but their impact was limited to Gujarat, North Maharashtra, East Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Three conditions are necessary for fog to form. Overnight coolness, weak low-level air and moisture cause these conditions to be interrupted by strong western disturbances causing strong winds and rainfall.

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Village: No hope of relief from cold

The cold further increased as the mercury dropped by two degrees on Thursday. The fog made the atmosphere cooler since morning, but when the sun came out, the temperature dropped a bit. Due to cold winds, clouds kept coming and going and the sun kept hiding. In this situation the cold continued. A few hours after daybreak, the weather department issued a yellow alert, according to which the day was cold with moderate fog. The average temperature on Thursday was 6.1 degrees, which was 2.8 degrees higher than Friday. In such a situation the atmosphere was cold.

The continuous cold wave is also affecting the daily routine of the people. People are going out of the house less. Apart from this, bonfires are burning in the market and outside the houses. Layers of warm clothes increase in cold. To beat the cold in the market, the sale of sesame, gajak, peanuts and jaggery has increased. The duration of schools has also increased. There is a forecast from the Meteorological Department. That the situation will remain more or less the same for the next two days. Also, there may be fog nearby.

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Noida: mercury will fall at night

From today, the severity of cold during the day will reduce in the city. The weather has changed due to change in the movement of western north winds. Now the temperature will drop quickly at night. The day temperature there will be higher than normal conditions. Today you can see the difference. The Meteorological Department has not issued any alert related to Cold Day for the coming days. However, the fog alert still remains in place. People will feel severe cold at night, morning and evening. The temperature in the city on Thursday was 5 to 19 degrees Celsius.

Weather experts say. That below normal temperatures can be recorded only at night. The maximum temperature is expected to occur under normal conditions. Meteorological Department says. That now you will start getting relief from chill during the day. The minimum and maximum temperatures of the city are expected to increase in the coming days. The minimum temperature is expected to be below normal for two to three days. In the last days of January, a maximum of 21 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 11 degrees Celsius are expected in the city. This will provide a lot of relief from cold.

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Publish Date: January 26, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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