Google Turns 25, Know How Google Became The World's Largest Search Engine

Nowadays, when any person wants to find out something about something, he directly opens Google on his mobile or computer. And he gets answers to his questions. This search engine, which provides all the information to a person through one click, turns 25 today.
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'Many Best Wishes To Google From The Entire Team of'

Google Birthday : Google is celebrating its 25th birthday today on 27th September. To make this special moment even better, the company has named its Doodle for the birth anniversary. Everyone knows this. That it takes years of hard work to reach the top. It is only because of 25 years of hard work that Google has been able to achieve this success today. And today we tell you about its journey.

How is Google's Doodle?

The doodle that Google has made today. Actually he is quite ordinary. But instead of OO, 25 is written in it. When you click on it, a page will open where you will get to see all the information about the company. To celebrate the birthday, Google has also given a popper button on scrolling down. As soon as you click on it, colorful papers will appear on the screen.

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this was the beginning

Sergey Brin and Larry Page, two doctoral students in the Stanford computer science program in the 90s, met like-minded people who wanted to simplify the World Wide Web. After meeting each other, both of them started working on the prototype of a search engine. You will be surprised to know but he started his first office in a rented garage. After this, Google Inc came into existence in 1998. Before launching this search engine that answers any question, both of them named it Backrub, which was later changed to Google.

Peak of success in 25 years

After starting from a small garage, continuous efforts were made to make Google the best search engine by making many changes day by day. In its journey of 25 years, Google has gone through many small and big changes and today it is counted among the top tech companies of the world. This search engine, which provides all the information in one click, has today become the most important and useful part of people's lives.

'Many Best Wishes To Google From The Entire Team of'

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Publish Date : September 27, 2023

Posted By Ravi Kumar

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