Haryana News: Tomorrow Will Be a Govt Holiday in Haryana, Haryana Govt Has issued a Govt Order

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Chandigarh :- There is doubt regarding Janmashtami holiday in Haryana. People are having trouble understanding. Whether the Janmastmi holiday will be on 6th September or on 7th September. Meanwhile, the government has issued a big update related to the Janmashtami holiday. Let us tell you that notification for the holiday has been issued by the government. If you also do not know about this then you must see this news.

Government issued notification

Earlier a notification was issued by the government that Janmashtami holiday will be on 6th September, but now it has been canceled and new information has been shared. In such a situation, let us inform you that the Janmashtami holiday to be held on Wednesday 6th September has now been cancelled. According to the new notification issued by the Haryana Government, there will be Janmashtami holiday on Thursday, 7th September in Haryana Government offices, schools, boards, corporations etc.

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Janmashtami holiday will be on 7th September

That means Janmashtami will be a holiday on 7th September. It has been said in the letter issued as per the orders given by Chief Secretary Sanjeev Kaushal. That September 7 will be a gazetted holiday. This holiday will be effective for government departments, boards, corporations, education department and other institutions. The government has amended the orders and declared Janmashtami holiday on 7th September.

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Publish Date: September 6, 2023

Posted By Rahul Bhardwaj

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