HKRN Salary News: Big Gift to Haryana Skill Employment Corporation Employees, Govt increased Salary By 20%

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HKRN Salary News

Chandigarh :- Haryana Government had established Haryana Skill Employment Corporation (HKRN) with the aim of providing employment to unemployed youth. The main objective of implementing this scheme is to provide employment to the unemployed youth according to their qualification and their capacity. Today, hundreds of youth have got employment through HKRN. Under the scheme, a fixed pay scale is also given to the youth doing employment.

Big news for employees working under HKRN

Relief news has come from the Haryana Government for the employees working under Haryana Skill Employment Corporation (HKRN). The government has made a major change in the salary of these employees and increased it by 10 to 20%. Now the base rate of salary for persons with 10 years of experience in the third level has also been increased to Rs 20,700.

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Employees got big relief

This is why the Haryana government has decided to increase the salaries of the employees. So that employees can be given pay scales according to their work and qualifications. For a person with 10 years of experience, the base rate of salary for a second level job has become Rs 22,000 and the base rate of salary for a first level job has become Rs 18,100. This important decision taken by the government has brought great relief to the employees.

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Publish Date: September 7, 2023

Posted By Rahul Bhardwaj

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