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IMD issued Alert, Possibility of Rain in These States, Weather Will Remain Like This in UP For 48 Hours

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UP Weather Update: For your information, severe cold has started in North India in the morning and evening. There was dense fog on the roads in the morning. The temperature is decreasing. There is a drop in temperature from Noida to Lucknow. In the morning the Meteorological Department said that the cold will increase further in the next few days in Delhi, UP and Bihar.

The Indian Meteorological Department said that there will be light rain and snowfall in the hilly states. This will further increase the cold in rural areas. The temperature here is less than 10 degrees Celsius. Last night was the coldest in Bareilly.

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Sun's heat is less in dry season

The effect of westerly wind (west wind) has shown cold in UP. Due to dry weather, strong winds have reduced the heat of the sun. The effect of cold has increased in other districts including the capital Lucknow. People feel very cold in the morning and evening. People are being saved with woolen clothes. Due to winds, the effect of sunlight is also very small. It is sunny throughout the day in the capital of Lucknow. But as soon as the sun sets the weather becomes cool.

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It becomes extremely cold in the evening. The lowest temperature in Lucknow is 9.3 degrees Celsius. Whereas in Bareilly the lowest is 5.0 degrees Celsius.

Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, will remain cool on Wednesday also. It will be sunny during the day. Western winds will be affected there. The temperature in the city can range from 23 degrees to 9 degrees Celsius. The weather department said. Speaking of which, the cold has increased in Ghaziabad and Noida also. The temperature here can range from 23 degrees to 8 degrees. The weather is likely to remain dry in northern and western UP on December 13. The meteorological department said.

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The Meteorological Department said that the weather in the state will remain the same for the next few days on 14 and 15 December. The weather department said that the weather may remain dry on December 14 and 15 also. Shallow to moderate fog may occur at two places in western and eastern Uttar Pradesh on December 15. On 16th December also the weather is expected to be like 15th December. Meteorological Department says. That the weather will be dry on 17th and 18th December. The Meteorological Department has predicted a drop in temperature and heavy fog in the northeastern states.

The minimum temperature is continuously decreasing in UP. The minimum temperature was 5.0 degrees Celsius in Meerut, 5.6 degrees in Muzaffarnagar, 7.0 degrees Celsius in Najibabad and 7 degrees Celsius in Shahjahanpur. The minimum temperature was 8.8 degrees Celsius, 9.5 degrees in Fatehgarh, 8.1 degrees in Fursatganj, 9.8 degrees in Bahraich, 9.1 degrees in Gorakhpur, and 9.1 degrees in Kanpur.

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The Meteorological Department believes. That high wind speed will reduce pollution in Delhi-NCR. The wind speed is expected to increase in the next four to five days. The Meteorological Department has predicted a drop of one degree Celsius in both the maximum and minimum temperatures this week.

You may experience increased cold in the coming days. The Meteorological Department said that western disturbance will be active from December 12, which can change the weather. Weather of December 13 (Wednesday) According to Skymet Weather, there may be light to moderate rain in Lakshadweep with heavy rain at some places.

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Publish Date: December 13, 2023  

Posted By Sunil

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