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In This Country No Tax Has To Be Paid on Earnings, That Why Every 3 Person Owner of Crores, Life Absolutely Luxurious

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Yuvapatrakar: You must have heard the name of Qatar. This country with a population of 27 lakh people was once very poor. But today he is included in the list of rich. Every third person in this country is a millionaire. Qatar is a rich country in Middle-East Asia.

There is very little poverty here. There is 1% unemployment here. This country was earlier a slave of Türkiye. The British then ruled it. The country became independent from Britain in 1971. Since gaining independence, Qatar's days have started progressing. Natural gas and oil are the biggest contributors to making Qatar rich.

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The UN has described Qatar's economy as a developed economy. The per capita income in Qatar is $62,310. Qatar is the richest among the 18 countries of the Middle East. Only 12% of the population here are residents of Qatar. The rest  have come here from places like Europe, Asia and Africa to earn.

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Every third person in Qatar is a millionaire

Saudi Arabia surrounds this country from one side. And the sea surrounds it from one side and three sides. After independence, a lot was done to improve the economic condition of the country. Every other country should learn from the efforts made by this country. The Qatari Riyal is the currency of Qatar.

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One Riyal is equal to Rs 20.14. Qatar also ranks fifth in terms of per capita income. Richer people than America, Dubai and Saudi Arabia also live in Qatar. Every third person here is a millionaire. According to media reports, the annual income of every third person in Qatar is approximately Rs 94 lakh. The area of Qatar is 11,581 square km.

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no need to pay income tax

Qatar is a famous name in the supply of natural gas. It is its largest exporter in the world. Qatar benefits a lot from natural gas earnings. People living in Qatar do not have to pay income tax. At the same time, other types of taxes are also quite low. The people living here get all the facilities like electricity, water and medicine absolutely free.

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migration to qatar

100 years ago Qatari people considered Qatar unfit to live in. Until 1925, most people here were fishermen or nomads. Between 1930-40, Qatar faced such a huge economic crisis that 30% of the country's population fled.

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Publish Date: January 01, 2024

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