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Indian Railway: Why is Train Stopped at Outer Several Times Even Before Reaching Station? Know Real Reason Behind This

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Indian Railway: Indian Railways takes special care of the convenience of its passengers. For this reason, train travel remains the first choice of people. Its comfortable and economical journey is very much liked by the passengers.

Why does the train stop before the station?

Often seen. That the train is stopped at the outer even before the station. This can be a cause of trouble for passengers. But loco pilots are not responsible for this because they do not have to move forward until they receive the train signal.

Reason for train stopping at outer

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The main reason behind stopping the train at the outer is the movement of trains on the platform. When many trains arrive simultaneously, there is no space on the platform, so some trains are stopped at the outer.

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decision by station manager

The station manager decides to bring the train to the platform or stop it outside. For this, priority is given to trains running on time.

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Vast network of Indian Railways

The Indian Railways network is 68,000 km long. In which hundreds of trains run daily. In this huge network, the movement of trains is decided according to the size of the platform.

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Publish Date: January 07, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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