Indian Railways 2024: People of These Cities Will Get Better Rail Facilities Than Before

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New Delhi News: If you also live in the country's national capital Delhi. So today's news is going to be very special for you. Recently a news has come out. According to which you are going to get better rail facilities than before in Delhi-NCR. Giving information, it was told that people living in NCR cities take a lot of time to go to Delhi to catch a train. It takes several hours to reach the same station. Many times, a lot of their time is wasted in traffic jams.

People of these cities will get better rail facilities than before

Indian Railways is going to provide relief to four cities of NCR. Giving information, it was told that people living in these cities will get the option to catch the train from a station being redeveloped by TRAI on the border. Giving information from the Indian Railway Ministry, it was said that the second largest railway station after New Delhi is being redeveloped as Ghaziabad station of NCR. The construction work of the station is also being done in full swing. This station falling on Delhi Howrah line is also special. Because 400 trains pass through here every day.

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The work will be done like this

Indian Railways is working to redevelop this station to provide convenience to the people of Ghaziabad and surrounding areas. In NCR, four cities of Uttar Pradesh, Ghaziabad, Trans Hindon, Greater Noida and Noida are connected to Delhi. Most of the people in these cities have to travel to Delhi to catch the train. Till now there is lack of facilities in Ghaziabad station. Due to which passengers have to face a lot of problems. After the construction of the station, those catching trains from Delhi will also get rid of heavy traffic and will get better facilities than before.

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Publish Date: February 29, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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