Indian Railways: These Documents Will Be Required To Parcel The Bike By Train

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These Documents Will Be Required To Parcel The Bike By Train

Indian Railways: Indian Railways is counted among the largest rail networks in the world. Every day it works to take millions of people to their destination. Apart from passengers, it is also an important means of transportation of various types of goods. Using its affordable and reliable services, you can easily send many things including your bike from one city to another.

Two simple transportation options

Taking advantage of the services of Indian Railways, you can send your goods in two ways. As luggage or as parcel. Luggage is that stuff. Which you take with you while traveling. Whereas parcel is that goods. Which you send to a particular place without traveling.

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How to parcel a bike?

To parcel your bike, first of all you have to go to the nearest railway station and approach the parcel counter. There you will be provided with all the necessary information related to the parcel. After this, collect the necessary documents and keep them ready for verification. The petrol tank of your bike will be checked and if it contains petrol. So it will need to be evacuated.

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Important information about bike parceling

Before parceling the bike, some important things should be kept in mind. Book the bike at least a day in advance, and carry the bike's registration certificate, insurance documents and your ID card. Pack the bike well, especially the headlights and empty the petrol tank to avoid paying any extra fine.

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Parcel fare and other information

The fare for sending goods by railway is determined on the basis of weight and distance. For example, the average fare for parceling a bike over a distance of 500 km is around Rs 1200. The cost of packing the bike will be added separately to this.

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Who can make a booking?

If the bike is not registered in your name. You can still book the parcel using your ID proof. This is worth noting. That parcel booking can be done only from 10 am to 5 pm.

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Publish Date: March 12, 2024

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