Railways Gave information, in This Way Senior Citizens Will Get Their Favorite Seat in The Train

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Indian Railway Updates: For your information, let us tell you that he is a senior citizen. And want a lower or other convenient seat while traveling in train. So you have to do something, so that you can get a comfortable seat. But senior citizens or women can get lower seats in Railways. Ask the railway officer what the rule is. And how to get a preferred seat.

While talking to the media, Chief Public Relations Officer of Northern Railway, Deepak Kumar said that in Indian Railways, special care is taken to ensure that senior citizens and women above 45 years of age do not face any problem in travelling. Space is reserved in every coach for women and senior citizens. When the seats below become vacant at the time of reservation. So the computer automatically keeps the same seats.

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It said different numbers of seats are reserved in sleeper, AC third, second and first class for senior citizens, women aged 45 years and above or pregnant women.

Sleeper class is marked with six to seven lower berths per coach, Third AC is marked with five to six lower berths per coach and Second AC is marked with three to four lower berths per coach. (Depending on the number of coaches of that class of the train). These are lower seats.

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That's why I can't get a lower seat

When the passenger is making reservation. All reserved seats are filled. In such a situation, the passenger will get only the seats that are available. This is the reason. That most of the time older people get the first place. The seats are selected by the computer.

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This way you can get your favorite seat

Chief Public Relations Officer said that seats in Railways are given on first come, first serve basis. People should therefore plan their travel well in advance. So that the desired seats can be found. Reservation starts from first 120 in trains.

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Publish Date: January 16, 2024

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