Railways: Royal Facilities Even in General Class, Which Will Change Travel Experience of Common Man

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Amrit Bharat Express: One such sleeper train has been started in the country today. Which means they belong to sleeper and general category. But Vande Bharat, Shatabdi and Rajdhani can beat everyone. It would not be wrong to call it the royal train of the common man. This means that now the common man can enjoy facilities like premium and luxury trains at low fares.

What is being discussed here. Amrit Bharat train, which was flagged off by the Prime Minister from Ayodhya today. At present, two trains will run, one will run regularly from Delhi to Darbhanga via Ayodhya and the other will run between Malwa Town and Bangalore. This train has many specialties. Now the general class and sleeper coaches will have the facilities which are available till now in Vande Bharat and Shatabdi, Rajdhani.

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What are the special facilities of the train?

Now people of general class will also get pit seats. Earlier, the lower seats of this class were made of planks and the upper seats were made of pipes. Although it was made to hold luggage, passengers used to sit, which was a problem. Now this seat has been made padded. So that people can travel conveniently. Similarly, for the first time points have been given for mobile charger in General Class. Four points are given in each cup. Besides, stands have also been installed to keep the mobile during charging. Which have not been installed yet. For the first time in this category, stands have been installed to hang water bottles. That is, the passenger should hang the water bottle, its bottle should not remain under the seat or here and there.

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Another specialty of this category is this. That wash basin has also been installed outside the toilet in general class. So that people can wash their hands outside instead of going inside the toilet. This is a special thing. These taps are installed. Move by pressing the feet. That means you won't have to touch the tap. Bio vacuum has been used for the first time in this category of toilets. Till now, apart from Vande Bharat, such toilets were installed in Shatabdi and Rajdhani. So that now those traveling in general class can get clean toilets.

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For the first time, cameras have been installed in the General Class keeping security in mind. So that in case of any untoward incident, criminals can be identified with the help of cameras. The locopilot will be able to keep an eye on the coach from the cabin.

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One gets scared when the train passes between two coaches while moving. The train was shaking a lot. But now semi-fixed coupling has been used between the two. Due to which the joint between two coaches will not move. Along with this, changes have been made in the design of the door windows of this train. Earlier, there used to be a gill on the outside of the glass. But the grill did not work. Apart from this, the height of the glass has also been increased. And it can be opened easily.

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Publish Date: December 30, 2023

Posted By Sunil

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