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Red Alert issued By Meteorological Department in Haryana

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Haryana Weather Red Alert: North India has been troubled by severe cold for the last few weeks. Severe cold and dense fog have engulfed northern India.

In such a situation, how can Haryana remain untouched? Haryana State: The increasing cold is troubling the people of Haryana.

The average maximum temperature on Friday was 5.4 degrees below. This provided some relief to the people of the state from the cold. However, the weather department has predicted cold and dense fog in the state on January 20.

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The maximum temperature during the day was 15 degrees and minimum was 7 degrees, on January 21 the minimum temperature was 7 degrees and the average was 16 degrees. On January 22, the minimum temperature was 6 degrees and maximum 16 degrees, on January 23, the maximum temperature could be 7 degrees and minimum 16 degrees.

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Publish Date: January 21, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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