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Roadways Buses: Big Gift To Bus Passengers in Jind, Depot Gets 11 New Roadways Buses

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Jind News: Jind depot has been given a big gift by the transport department. Let us tell you that the Transport Department has sent 11 new buses to Jind Depot. These buses will be on-route after paperwork like permit and fast-tag. After the arrival of these 11 buses, the number of roadways buses in the depot has increased to 203. More than 17 thousand passengers travel every day in 192 buses of Jind depot.

Revenue of more than Rs 13 lakh is received every day.

Due to which Jind depot gets revenue of more than Rs 13 lakh every day. In such a situation, the passengers will get relief when the new bus arrives and the number of buses on the routes is less. Buses will be available on that route. Currently, out of 192 buses running, 37 are Bus km Scheme buses. On which the driver and operator of the transport committee are roadways employees. At present there are 267 conductors and 243 drivers in the depot.

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Overtime being given to drivers and conductors

According to the 1:7 rule, to reduce overtime to zero, 345 drivers and conductors are required on 203 buses in the depot. In such a situation, drivers and conductors are being given overtime to continue the smooth operation of buses. Whereas the Transport Department has to appoint 30 operators under HKRN. Even before this, 23 operators have been recruited in the depot under HKRN.

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Passengers will get better facilities

Jind Depot DI Jasmer Khatkar informed that 11 new buses have arrived at the depot. Till the installation of Fast-Tag, buses will be operated on local routes like Hansi, Rohtak and Assandh. At the same time, after installing Fast-Tag, buses can be sent on long routes as per the convenience of the passengers. Efforts are being made to complete the paperwork for the buses quickly. So that passengers can get better facilities.

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Publish Date: February 26, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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