Special Trains: This Time Devotees Will Come Directly To Ayodhya From 430 Cities, 72 Special Trains Will Be Run Soon

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Special Trains: Indian Railways took a big decision under which Indian Railways is making efforts to ensure maximum number of visitors to Ram Temple by operating 35 new trains. Is being told. About 430 cities will be directly connected to Ayodhya through the new trains so that lakhs of people can go to Ayodhya and worship inside the Ram temple and have darshan of Ramlala.

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At present, 35 trains are running for Ayodhya. These trains run every day and once a week. 37 more trains will be added from January 22. So, in total, there will be 430 trains going to Ayodhya from 72 cities across the country. Railway Ministry wants to make it easier for people to go to Ayodhya. So they are adding more trains from different cities. In this way, people who worship Ram will easily be able to go to Ayodhya and visit the temple.

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Publish Date: January 09, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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