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Today Fog Will Come After Rain, Then icy Winds Will increase Cold

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Weather Updates: The weather started clearing at 11 pm. There was light sunshine at many places. Meteorological Department says. That the fog will last for two days. From February 7, you will experience cold due to icy winds from the mountains.

How much rain did it rain in Delhi?

As the rain subsided on Sunday, people flocked to parks and picnic spots. The highest temperature was 20.3 degrees Celsius on Sunday. This is two degrees below average. The maximum was 11.9 degrees Celsius. This is three degrees above average. From 2.30 to 11 pm, 2.8 mm in Delhi (Safdarjung), 3.1 mm in Palam, 2.4 mm in Ridge, 3.5 mm in Aya Nagar, 3.5 mm in Gurugram, 3 mm in Faridabad, 1.5 mm in Ghaziabad, 3.5 mm in Jafarpur, There was 0.5 mm rain in Narela and 0.5 mm rain in Noida.

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Then the icy wind will return.

According to Skymet, the weather will clear in the coming days and the rain will stop. From Monday, most of the states of North-West and Eastern India including Delhi will start seeing sunshine. Snowfall will also reduce in the Western Himalayas from Monday. After this the cold air from the mountains will reach Delhi. There will be respite from sunlight due to no rain or clouds during the day.

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Fog alert issued by weather department

It is expected to be partly cloudy on Monday. There was very dense fog in the morning. Yellow alert has been issued due to fog. The temperature can range from 22 degrees to 9 degrees. There will be moderate to dense fog in the morning on 6th February. It will be partly cloudy. The temperature can range from 8 °C to 21 °C. Later the icy wind from the mountains will reach Delhi. Therefore, it will be cold again on 7th February and the temperature will drop. Sunlight during the day will provide relief from cold. The temperature can range from 20 degrees to 7 degrees. The sky will be clear on February 9: Reuters There will be light fog in the morning.

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Publish Date: February 05, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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