Weather Alert: Heavy Drop in Temperature in Rajasthan, Department issued Alert

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Rajasthan Weather Alert: Rapid changes in weather are being seen every day in Rajasthan. Due to which there is little impact on the normal life of the people. And people also take special care of physical health according to the change in weather.

Talking about the weather of Jaipur, last night on January 2, the maximum temperature of Jaipur was recorded at 14.8° and the minimum temperature was 7.5° and according to the Meteorological Department of Jaipur, the cold will increase continuously in the coming days. The temperature recorded in Jaipur this morning on January 3 was 7° Celsius.

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According to Jaipur weather center, last night on December 2, the minimum temperature of Sriganganagar district was 8.2°, Churu's temperature was 7°, Jodhpur's temperature was 10.5°, Bikaner's temperature was 6.4°, Jaisalmer's temperature was 5.4°, Udaipur's temperature was 9.2°, The temperature of Kota was recorded at 10.8°, the temperature of Ajmer at 9°, the temperature of Bhilwara.

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Last night, the temperature of Alwar in Rajasthan was 7°, Sikar was 4.5°, Chittorgarh was 8.9°, Dholpur was 6.4°, Dungarpur was 13.2°, Sirohi was 6°, Karoli was 5.2°. Also, there will be 60% chance of rain in Kota, Udaipur, Churu and Sriganganagar districts.

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According to Jaipur weather center, this morning on January 3, the temperature of Sriganganagar district was 8.9°, Churu's temperature was 6.8°, Jodhpur's temperature was 12.8°, Bikaner's temperature was 10°, Jaisalmer's temperature was 10.8°, Udaipur's temperature was 14.6°, Kota's temperature was 12.4° was recorded. Also, the probability of rain in Kota, Udaipur, Churu and Sriganganagar districts has been recorded as 85 to 90%.

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Publish Date: January 03, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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