Weather Changing in Many States of North India including Delhi

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Weather Update: The weather is changing in many states of North India including Delhi. (Weather Update) It is raining now. It has been predicted. That the weather will change again in the next two to three days. Strong wind may blow. Its effect can be seen in many states. Also know that the weather has been clear in Delhi for the last few days. Even sunlight does not come out for many days. It is much warmer in the sun than before. But it is still cold in the morning and evening. Know about the weather in the next few days.

Where will it rain?

There is a possibility of light to moderate rain in Arunachal Pradesh in the next 24 hours. Weather report tells. At the same time, heavy snowfall may also occur at some places. Light rain may also occur in other states of Eastern India. Light rain may occur in coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. People have been told. Be alert for rain.

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Why is it raining?

Due to Western Disturbance, there may be light to moderate rain and snowfall in the Western Himalayas between February 24 and 27. There will be lightning in Central India on 26th and 27th February. There may also be some rain. At the same time, along with rain, snowfall is also possible in the Western Himalayan region.

Where did the weather change?

In the last 24 hours, light rain and snowfall occurred in the Western Himalayan region. Light to moderate rain and snowfall occurred in Arunachal Pradesh. At the same time, light to moderate rain occurred in North Eastern India. Light rain also occurred in Bihar and Sub-Himalayan West Bengal.

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Publish Date: February 24, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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