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Weather Forecast: Weather Will Remain Like This in Delhi For Next 15 Days, Cold Has Just Started, IMD Gave information

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Weather: For your information, let us tell you that before the arrival of the New Year, the weather in Delhi is continuously cold. Delhi has been yearning for sunshine since 27th December. After 2019, there has been no sunshine for so many consecutive days, say meteorologists. Four years ago, Delhi did not see the sun from December 12 to December 31.

The temperature in Delhi has been 5 degrees Celsius below normal for the last few days. The Meteorological Department officially declared Friday a 'hot day'. On Saturday also the Meteorological Department has issued 'Yellow Alert'. Which means. That it will be extremely cold like the previous day. On Friday, the temperature in Delhi was 16.6 degrees Celsius, 5 degrees below normal. The temperature was lower than Thursday, when the maximum was 12.5 degrees Celsius. Thursday was the coldest day in Delhi after January 25, 2022.

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Why can this cold make you sick?

Due to lack of sunlight the temperatures are highest below. IMD scientist Kuldeep Srivastava says. That the current weather conditions will be fatal to people's health. Cold days affect more people than cold nights. He says.

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There has been no information about the sky since December 27. People's health can deteriorate due to lack of sunlight and smog. Most of the people live at home. When the minimum temperature falls. But most of the people go out of the house to work. When the maximum temperature falls. People's health may be affected. If this situation continues for a long time.

There is a possibility of rain on 9th and 10th

There may be some relief from cold from Sunday. IMDB estimates. That due to active Western Disturbance the air will become somewhat warmer. Therefore, there will be light rain on Tuesday and Wednesday. IMBD estimates that the maximum temperature of Delhi may increase till Monday. IMDI scientist Kuldeep Srivastava said, the impact of the western disturbance moving towards Delhi may last till January 9. And there may be light rain. A little warm breeze can take the mercury up a bit.

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Publish Date: January 07, 2024

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