Work Going on Delhi-Mumbai Expressway Link Road

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Delhi-Mumbai Expressway Link Road: The ongoing work on the bypass of Delhi-Vadodara-Mumbai Expressway has become a cause of trouble for the residents of Greater Faridabad. Last Wednesday, HT cable broke near Sector-29 due to digging on the road by NHAI. Due to which there was power failure for 23 hours in three societies of Greater Faridabad. People in the society remained worried the whole night. The residents informed the society's maintenance team about this. After which the team informed the people that the HT cable was broken on the bypass road. Due to which the lights of the society are off. NHI and Electricity Corporation employees are engaged in repair work. Electricity supply will be started soon.

Actually, 90 families live in TDI Retreat Apartment located in Sector 89, 150 in Puri Aman Vilas and more than 50 families live in Grand Society. Society people say. That people are troubled by the electricity problem here. There is power failure here every third day for 12 to 24 hours. There was a power failure here at 5 pm on Wednesday evening. After the power failure, Kids were not able to prepare for the exams.

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The Kids remained troubled the whole night of Wednesday. Apart from this, there was no water supply in the society in the morning. Due to this, people reached office late on Thursday. After the completion of the repair work at 4 pm on Thursday, electricity supply started in the society. Tried to contact NHI Project Manager VK Joshi regarding the related matter, but he did not respond.

There is a great lack of basic facilities here. There is power failure here for 12 to 23 hours from now. This is the situation then. When AC is not working in societies. People's condition is going to be miserable in summer.

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There is no solution even on complaint

Pankaj Malik of TDI Retreat Apartment said that people are very worried about electricity in the society. Here people are facing the problem of HT line breakage and fault. On complaining, the Electricity Corporation officials do not give any satisfactory reply.

Electricity Corporation is not making any improvements

Ankit Singh of TDI Retreat Apartment said that the problems here are very severe. People have to fight for facilities here. There is chaos in Greater Faridabad for electricity in summer. But the Electricity Corporation is not making any improvements.

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Publish Date: February 25, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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