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Yogi Govt issued Alert, Now Alcohol Will Not Be Sold Here

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UP Latest News: Yogi government of UP has banned the sale of liquor in Ayodhya Parikrama area. Excise Minister Nitin Agarwal said that the sale of liquor will be completely banned in the Panch Kosi Parikrama area in Ramnagari. All shops will be closed. Nitin Aggarwal met Champat Rai, General Secretary of Ayodhya Ram Mandir Trust. Told them that sale of liquor has already been banned in Shri Ram Temple area. And he announced the removal of liquor shops up to five kos. Guidelines have been received for speaking. 5. Consumption of alcohol is prohibited in Kosi Parikrama area. There will be no shops in this area.

Preparations for the consecration of Ram Lalla are going on in full swing in Ayodhya. Due to this, there is a gathering of state ministers and senior officials in Ayodhya. The Prime Minister will also attend the consecration ceremony. On December 30, Prime Minister Modi will come to Ayodhya to inaugurate Shri Ram Airport. The double engine government has made every effort to make Jeevan Pratistha historic. So that people can see Dwapar Yuga even in Kaliyuga.

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CM Yogi had given indications

Chief Minister Yogi had given prior information about this during his visit to Ayodhya. He said that people's sentiments should be respected in a religious city. This place should be free from meat and alcohol. He also said that Dharmanagari will become an example of urban development in Ayodhya. There will be drinking water here 24 hours 7 days. While reviewing several development works, CM Yogi said that every person coming to Ayodhya should go back with peace, satisfaction and joy.

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Publish Date: January 08, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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