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Even After Arrival of Smartphones, Nokia Keypad Phone Remains No1, Know Complete Details

Even After Arrival of Smartphones, Nokia Keypad Phone Remains No1, Know Complete Details

Nokia Phone Become No1: Now days many smartphones have come in the market. In these you also get unique features. In such a situation, the demand for these smartphones should be very high. Why, right? But you will be surprised to know that it is so. No. Yes, despite having such great smartphones, the phones which are number 1 today. They are not smartphones but normal phones.

You too must have used some phone at some point in your life. Anyway, in earlier times Nokia phones used to be very famous. You will be surprised to know that today Nokia's normal phones are at number 1. They say. Anything old is a big hit. Something similar has happened. Same with Nokia. This thing itself has come to light in a report. Every child knows this phone. The most surprising thing is this. That in reality this phone has never been in loss.

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it's a hit everywhere

The best thing is this. That this phone has been made in such a way. That people of all ages use these. Whether you buy this phone online or offline, this phone is number 1 everywhere. People are also given good discounts and offers on this. Despite being a small phone, Nokia keeps updating it all the time. It has made some updates in each of its phones. Not only this if you take the current model of this smartphone. So you can also make payment through UPI.

The report has been shared by IDI

For your information, according to a report by IDC Nokia phones, it has only increased. Its smartphones are also not sold that much. As much as a phone with a keypad.

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Publish Date: November 30, 2023

Posted By Rahul Bhardwaj

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