Honda's New Powerful Bike Launched, Know its Features, Engine, Mileage & Price Details

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Honda Livo New Bike

Honda Livo New Bike : To attract customers within the cheap budget range in the Indian market, Honda company has recently launched its best considered Honda Livo Bike. Which with the latest technology remains a very worthy and better option compared to other bikes available in the market, in which along with premium features, the support of powerful engine will be seen which is definitely worthy for the customers in this year 2024 and Makes better choices. The features of Honda Livo Bike also attract the customers a lot. In which a very attractive design with new technology will also be seen available, which definitely makes it better than other bikes available in the market in the year 2024.

Honda Livo Bike Price

If we look at the price, Honda company has launched Honda Livo Bike, which is considered the best in its segment in the Indian market, with a starting price of only Rs 71000. Within whose price it is definitely being said to be a better and modern option for the customers in this year 2024. Which with premium quality remains a worthy option compared to other bikes available in the market.

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Features of Honda Livo Bike are much better

The features of Honda Livo Bike are also said to be much better. In which customers will get to see the latest technology along with luxury features as well as attractive design in which the new engine is now brought to life by a silent ACG starter. And Honda has also included an engine kill-switch and side-stand cut-off. The instrumentation remains semi-digital but the console has a new design.

Power engine and mileage of Honda Livo Bike

If we talk about the power engine, then Honda company has launched its new technology Honda Livo Bike with a powerful 110 cc engine. With the help of these engine features, this bike will be capable of giving a mileage of around 72 kmpl which will help in making it the best.

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Publish Date: January 15, 2024 

Posted By Rohit Nehra

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