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Range And Top Speed of Bajaj Chetak Urbane TecPac

Range And Top Speed of Bajaj Chetak Urbane TecPac

Bajaj Chetak Urbane TecPac: Due to the high cost of electric scooters, the poor people of our country work very hard to buy an electric scooter with advanced features for themselves. To help the poor, Bajaj has launched the cheapest variant of its Bajaj Chetak to run on Indian roads.

This electric scooter can run for a km on a single charge. That too with a high speed of 73 km per hour. Bajaj has designed this electric scooter to do a lot of work. If you were looking for a great scooter for yourself, then you can definitely consider Bajaj Chetak Urbane TecPac. Let's know. All the information related to this scooter..

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Range and top speed of Bajaj Chetak Urbane TecPac

This scooter of Bajaj can run up to 113 km on a single charge. And the secret behind this is the powerful battery installed in it. It is also in terms of speed. The scooter is very good. And it easily touches the top speed of 73 km per hour. The top speed of 73 kmph is perfect for driving this scooter in urban areas.

Great motor and battery of Bajaj Chetak Urbane TecPac

Inside Bajaj Chetak Urbane TecPac, we get to see a battery with 2.9kWh capacity. With which we are given a charge of 650W. Which makes the charging of this electric scooter very effective. The charging time of this scooter is only 3.15 hours.

The work of powering Bajaj Chetak Urbane TecPac is done by a BLDC motor producing 4.2kW ​​peak power. You can drive this scooter in two reading modes. The ECP mode available in this electric scooter increases the efficiency of this scooter. And Bharat mode helps this scooter to run at high speed.

Technology available in Bajaj Chetak Urbane TecPac

The company has made this electric scooter available to its customers in five color variants. Bajaj Chetak Urbane TecPac electric scooter is a perfect blend of style and efficiency. In this scooter, we get to see Bluetooth connectivity with digital instrument character.

Pricing of Bajaj Chetak Urbane TecPac

If you want to buy Bajaj Chetak Urbane TecPac. So you have to spend ₹ 1,24,557. If the scooter is not coming in your budget. Then you can also finance it. To get more information about financing this scooter, you can visit the official website of Bajaj.

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Publish Date: May 29, 2024

Posted By Rahul Bhardwaj

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