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Volkswagen ID Buzz LWB Launched in US

The US, May Be Launched in India Soon

Yuva Patrkaar, New Delhi : German automobile company Volkswagen has introduced the prototype of its first electric car ID Buzz LWB. Information about some features and specifications of this car which runs completely on electric power is also coming to the fore. The Volkswagen ID Buzz is going to be a 7 seater MPV car. Looking at the design, it looks like a van. If this car is launched in India. So the biggest blow may be to Tata motors. Because right now Tata Motors is the largest company in the Indian electric car market.

The ID Buzz LWB will be offered with a panoramic sunroof as well as a moonroof. As basic features, the facility of heater, air conditioner, air quality control, automatic climate control and airbags for safety is also being provided.

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Volkswagen ID Buzz LWB has a motor giving 286hp power and 560nm torque. This is its biggest strength. It is very important to have a better battery in an electric car. ID Buzz LWB is being given a battery pack of 77kWh and 85kWh in two different variants. To charge the battery, 11kW AC and 200kW DC charger will be available. Volkswagen had first launched the standard model of the ID Buzz in 2022.

You can convert ID Buzz LWB into 5, 6 and 7 seater car as per your requirement. The 5 seater variant offers 1,340 liters of luggage space. This space reduces to 219 liters in the 6 seater and 306 liters in the 7 variant. The size of the touchscreen display has also increased in the new model. It is going to be closer to 12.9 i.e. 13 inches instead of 10 inches. Due to this, the convenience is also going to be better than before. According to the claim, this car catches the speed of 0-100kmph in 7.9s.

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The Volkswagen ID Buzz LWB will be first launched in countries like the US and Canada, going as far as launching in India. So it might have to wait a while. In India, it can be launched under the name ID.4 SUV. Although its official confirmation is yet to be done.

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