Agriculture: Bangladesh Seeks Help From India To Avoid Onion Shortage

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Bangladesh Seeks Help From India To Avoid Onion Shortage

Onion News: Onion is also often called 'political vegetable'. Because rising prices often prove costly for governments. Sometimes onion inflation becomes the reason for change of government or even the fall of the government. This applies to a large extent to India and all our neighboring countries located in the Indian subcontinent. This is the reason. That the government formed after the elections in Bangladesh has already become alert to keep onion prices under control in the upcoming Ramzan.

To ensure that onion prices do not increase during Ramzan, the Bangladesh government has started talks with the Indian government. Bangladesh has sought India's support to import more onions and sugar before Ramzan. Regarding this, Bangladesh Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmood came to India and met Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal and had a long discussion on this matter.

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Help sought for many important things

According to information received from sources related to the matter, Bangladesh has sought cooperation from India for importing many essential commodities including onion. Mahmood requested Piyush Goyal to remove tariff and non-tariff barriers on products exported from India to Bangladesh and provide uninterrupted supply of essential commodities. Piyush Goyal assured Bangladesh that Bangladesh is an important neighboring country of India. And therefore India is always ready and committed to provide all kinds of support to strengthen the economic and financial stability there.

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Being a Muslim majority country, the month of Ramadan holds great importance in Bangladesh. Keeping this in view, the Bangladesh government has started efforts to keep the prices of all essential commodities including onion stable during Ramadan. Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmood's visit to India is being linked to this exercise of Sheikh Hasina government. The purpose of which is to keep the prices of essential commodities, especially onion, stable in the country during the holy month of Ramadan.

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Publish Date: February 28, 2024 

Posted By Abhishek

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