Business Idea: Cultivation of This Plant Will Fill Your Pocket With Money, Know Farming Tips

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Cultivation of This Plant Will Fill Your Pocket With Money

Business Idea: We are giving you an idea to earn big money. If you are going through unemployment. And want to earn good profit with low cost. If you invest only Rs 15,000 in this business. So you can earn up to Rs 3 lakh. The central government also helps in starting this business. We are discussing Basil Cultivation. Nowadays there is a huge demand for medicinal plants. For this you can buy a farm.

Medicinal plant Tulsi is cultivated. Neither large land is required to cultivate medicinal plants. Nor does it require much investment. It is not necessary to have a farm to do this type of farming. You can also take it on an agreement. Nowadays many companies are cultivating medicinal plants on contract. Their farming earns lakhs of rupees. However, you only need to spend a few thousand rupees to start.

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Profit of three lakh rupees in three months

Tulsi is generally associated with religious reasons. But basil with medicinal properties can also be cultivated. Eugenol and methyl cinnamate are two types of tulsi. Medicines for deadly diseases like cancer are made from it. It costs only Rs 15,000 to grow basil in one hectare. But after three months this crop is again sold for Rs 3 lakh.

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How is basil cultivated?

Sandy loam soil is best for cultivating basil. For its cultivation, the nursery is prepared from seeds in June-July. It is transplanted after the nursery is completely ready. During planting, maintain a distance of 60 cm from line to line and 30 cm from plant to plant. Harvesting begins after harvest within 100 days.

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You can earn by joining these companies

Patanjali, Dabur, Vaidyanath and other Ayurvedic companies are also cooperating in the cultivation of Tulsi. Who buys the crop herself. Basil seeds and oil are very popular. The price of oil and basil seeds varies every day.

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Publish Date : November 20, 2023

Posted By Abhishek

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