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Farmer Rears Donkeys along With Cows and Buffaloes, Earns Rs 3 Lakh Per Month

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YuvaPatrkaar : You must have seen many such farmers who earn good income from cow and buffalo rearing. But have you ever heard that someone became rich by rearing donkeys? Most of the people use donkey for washing weights but many farmers are getting good income by using it. Let us tell you that the most expensive milk sold in the world is that of donkey.

The beginning of this kind of donkey farming

Today we are telling you about Dhiren Solanki, a resident of Manund village in Patan district of Gujarat. Dhiren was looking for a government job some time ago but when he could not get the job, he started Donkey Farming. For this, he obtained information from South India and started this work about 8 months ago by taking a small place with Rs 22 lakh. Dhiren started his work with 20 donkeys.

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Supplies reach South India

When Dhiren started this work, he did not get any income for about 5 months. Actually there is lack of importance of donkey milk in Gujarat. Later, he contacted some companies of South India and started supplying his milk from Karnataka to Kerala. Let us tell you that there is a lot of demand for donkey milk in South India. And it is also sold quite expensive there. A lot of cosmetic companies buy this milk. Let us inform you that donkey milk is sold for 5 to 7 thousand rupees per litre. The powder made from this milk is sold abroad for Rs 1.25 lakh per kg.

Usefulness of donkey milk

Let us tell you that the protein composition and hypoallergenic properties of donkey milk make it ideal. It contains 9 times more tarin than cow's milk. It contributes significantly to the development of babies. Please note that in the 19th century, donkey milk was given to sick children to drink. Countries in Europe and Africa have also recognized this milk. It contains very good nutrients, that is why it is also used medicinally. It is used in the problems of arthritis, cough, surgical wounds and ulcers. In Italy, soap is also made from donkey milk.

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Earning of Rs 3 lakh per month

Today, Dhiren has 42 donkeys in his farm and he has invested about Rs 38 lakh in it. A donkey gives about 800ml milk. Dhiren does his business through online website and from this he earns an income of about Rs 2 to 3 lakh per month. Therefore, if seen, there is a lot of potential in the business of donkey rearing in India. And farmers can increase their income by trading it.

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Publish Date: December 06, 2023  

Posted By Abhishek

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