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This Fertilizer Will Ensure Double Production For Mustard Cultivation, Oil Will increase Up To 2 Times

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Chandigarh : If you are also a farmer. So today's news is going to be very special for you. Let us tell you that if farmers use Single Super Phosphate instead of DAP for mustard cultivation, then the cost will be less and the production and quality will also be very good. Giving information from agricultural experts, it was said that Single Super Phosphate contains 16% phosphorus along with 12% sulfur. Which are capable of increasing both the quality and yield of mustard seeds.

Important advice for farmers

Single super phosphate is very cheap as compared to DAP. Apart from this, the quality of mustard produced here also fetches good money by selling it in the markets. At present, many farmers are using this fertilizer instead of DAP. Now they have started getting the benefits of which. A big claim was also made by many farmers and while giving information it was said that the amount of oil in mustard produced from other fertilizers is only 37 percent. If we use single super phosphate then it can reach 40%.

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Farmers have started getting benefits

Information is being given by the farmers. That if we use Single Super Fastfat with Urea instead of DAP in oilseed crops, then we will start getting benefits. As you know. That sowing of Rabi crops has also started. DAP, urea and fertilizers are generally used by farmers to supply nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients in oilseed crops. In contrast, oilseed crops require nitrogen and phosphorus as well as sulfur to increase production and product quality.

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Use single super phosphate fertilizer instead of DAP

Along with phosphorus, sulfur is also found in single super phosphate. Therefore appeals are being made to the farmers. That he can use this fertilizer instead of DAP. By experts, single super phosphate is considered better than DAP. Because DAP contains 40 percent phosphorus. Whereas in single super phosphate it contains only 16%. That phosphorus in single super phosphate is 30% less as compared to DAP. That is why whenever single super phosphate is used, it should be 3 times more than DAP.

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Publish Date : October 25, 2023

Posted By Abhishek

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