You Can Earn Lakhs Per Month By Rearing Buffalo of This Breed, Know its Care, Milk Productivity and Price

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Care, Milk Productivity and Price

YuvaPatrkaar : In today's times, the unemployment rate is continuously increasing. However, animal husbandry is rapidly emerging as a new option. In earlier times, only farmers used to do animal husbandry, but now the youth are also doing animal husbandry for business. If you also want to earn good profit by rearing animals. So today we are telling you about a special breed of buffalo here. The name of this breed is Murrah. Let us tell you that Murrah breed of buffalo is popular for giving high profits to its farmers. Today we are telling you in detail about this breed of buffalo.

Murrah buffalo identity

First of all, let us tell you that this buffalo of Murrah breed is easily available in many states. In which Delhi, Haryana and Punjab are prominent. Its horns are big and jalebi shaped. This buffalo is considered very good for milk production. Its body is quite fleshy and shiny. Its milk is also sold in the market at a good price.

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Murrah buffalo care

High protein and minerals are found in its milk. For this reason there is a lot of demand for its milk. Its milk contains more fat. If you take good care of this breed of buffalo and keep it fed well, then it provides you plenty of milk. Murrah breed of buffalo is considered most popular for milk business.

Milk productivity and price

Let us tell you that Murrah buffalo has the capacity to provide you 12 to 16 liters of milk per day. If we talk about its price, then let us tell you that this buffalo is available to you for only Rs 50 thousand. You can earn Rs 1 to 1500 per day from its milk. If seen in this way, this buffalo is very profitable for milk business.

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Publish Date: January 17, 2024

Posted By Abhishek

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