You Will Become a Millionaire in Few Months, Just Keep This Breed of Goat

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Beetle Goat

Beetle Goat : In today's time, inflation is continuously increasing. Many people are troubled by inflation and some people are also like this. Who have started animal husbandry to solve this problem. Let us tell you that animal husbandry is such a business. Which you can start easily. You also get a lot of income from this. Many people are earning good income sitting at home today by doing this work.

If you also want to earn good money by doing animal husbandry business. So today we are telling you about goat rearing which comes under this. Here we are giving you information about one such breed of goat. By adopting which you can earn huge profits sitting at home. Let us tell you that today we are giving you information about Beetle breed goat. This is very profitable in goat rearing business. Let us now give you detailed information about this.

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Where is the beetle goat found?

Let us tell you that the origin of this breed of goat is considered to be Gurdaspur, Amritsar, and Firozpur of Punjab. Apart from this, this breed of goat is also found in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. At present, this breed of goat is being reared in many other states. This goat is reared mainly for meat and milk.

Beetle goat identification

This goat has a long nose and hanging ears. Its length is also slightly longer than other goats. Let us tell you that the goats of this breed are mostly black in color. But in some states it is also found in white or brown color. The size of its horns is medium. These are flat and curved upwards. This goat can be easily identified by these.

Beetle goat milk

Let us tell you that the milk yielding capacity of Betel goat is more than other goats. These goats give you 2 to 4 liters of milk every day. This gives a good increase in the income of the person rearing goats. If we talk about Beetle breed goat, its weight ranges from 60 to 65 kg. Good quality meat and leather is obtained from this. Beetle goat can give birth to only 4 kids in a year. Therefore, following it is quite safe financially.

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Publish Date: February 25, 2024 

Posted By Abhishek

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