Horoscope Today: Which Zodiac Signs Will Get Success in Field Today, Read Daily Horoscope

Talking about today's Panchang- Nakshatra – Kritika Nakshatra, Sun transit – will transit in Cancer. Moon transit- will remain in Aries till 7:43. After this they will enter Taurus. Rahu Kaal – will be from 12.26 pm to 02:06 pm. Gulik Kaal - will be from 10:47 am to 12:26 pm. Disha Shool – The direction of North direction will remain Shool.
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09 August 2023

Horoscope 09 August 2023: If we talk about the position of today's planets, then the Moon is sitting in Jupiter and Rahu in Aries. Sun and Venus are sitting in Cancer. Venus is transiting in retrograde state. Mars and Mercury are sitting in Leo. Ketu is sitting in Libra. While retrograde Saturn is transiting in Aquarius, let's know the predictions of 12 zodiac signs


  • Negative energy will be transmitted for Aries today
  • health can be affected
  • mind will be fine
  • will be fraught with negative effects though
  • love status is good
  • moon will be in your sign
  • There will be an increase in discretion, you will get the benefit of Gajakesari and Gand Yoga
  • Economic situation requires better planning
  • Today will be a good day in terms of health
  • Students will get success with determination.


  • You can try to reduce the expenditure.
  • Financial problems can arise due to eclipse defects.
  • Risk may have to be faced.
  • It is necessary to consult before investing in the business.
  • Carry out tasks carefully at work site
  • May be a victim of misunderstanding.
  • Will be suffering from unknown fear.
  • Can be troubled by eye pain.

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  • There will be mental pressure, there may be trouble in the journey.
  • There can be upheaval in economic matters.
  • health will be fine
  • Moon is sitting in the 11th house for Gemini.
  • Will try to increase profit
  • Will get the benefit of Gajakesari Yoga
  • There can be more profit in business today.
  • Will get best results in job
  • Today you can be troubled by the problem of pain.
  • Will be able to open up what is buried in the heart
  • Today students can get better results.


  • Moon is sitting in the tenth house for Cancer
  • today's responsibility
  • Also today's going to be a better day
  • Will complete the work on time at work
  • Students have to put in the extra time to be successful
  • Along with this, there can be ups and downs in terms of health.
  • Can spend a good time with life partner today.

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  • Moon sits in the ninth house for Leo
  • perform religious duties
  • Will get positive results at workplace
  • good progress can be made
  • Today there will be an atmosphere of laughter and happiness
  • Will help people in domestic work
  • Extra hard work will be required for success in competitive exams.
  • travel can hurt
  • Worship recitation will take more mind


  • Virgo zodiac has the effect of getting hurt today
  • can read with difficulty
  • the situation remains unfavorable
  • health needs attention
  • Love status is good, child status is good
  • There will be no profit in business today due to eclipse defect.
  • can result in mistakes in work
  • avoid taking any risks
  • Those pursuing higher education and studying abroad may face some problem in online study.

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  • The condition of love and children is going to be moderate.
  • job situation going to be bad
  • Need to focus on business today
  • refrain from investing
  • Moon will be in the seventh house
  • There can be profit in partnership business
  • positive energy will be celebrated
  • Keep distance from risky activities.


  • Moon will be in the sixth house
  • get out of debt
  • outstanding money can be returned
  • must focus on work
  • Today the technique of work can attract you.
  • Can win someone's heart in the family
  • Can be troubled by the problem of joint pen
  • There will be loving talks with life partner.
  • Enemy disturbance is possible.

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  • Negative energy will be transmitted
  • There will be confusion for the students
  • There is a possibility of tu-tu me-me in a love relationship
  • Health will be moderate Love condition is going to be moderate
  • it would be better to have a red item with you
  • Moon sitting in the fifth house
  • There will be a windfall profit
  • Can lay the foundation of a new business with a business partner
  • You can get job offers from the company
  • You may have to travel suddenly.


  • Moon will be in the fourth house
  • Family happiness will decrease
  • Will get profit due to eclipse defect
  • Will feel tired, may face problems
  • financial situation will be hampered
  • It will be necessary to control speech
  • With the advice of elders, some of your work can be done today.

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  • Moon will be in the third house.
  • courage will increase
  • Hotel motel business will be found
  • The result of hard work can bring you transfer at your desired place.
  • Travel planning may have to be done with this
  • may face health related problems
  • can enjoy today with family
  • Students will get benefit from Gajakesari Yoga.


  • Moon sitting in the second house will try to settle the matter of ancestral property
  • Today profit will be in hand
  • Will get results according to hard work at workplace
  • success in every work
  • The economic condition will be strong.
  • handle ego issues
  • Management students can get help today.

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