If This Had Not Been Done Then Lord Ganesha Would Not Have Been The First To Be Worshipped, Know The Whole Story

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Why Ganesh is worshiped first

Why Ganesh is worshiped first: Lord Shri Ganesh is worshiped before doing any auspicious work in Sanatan Dharma. Shri Ganeshaya Namah is written before starting any work in Hinduism. Apart from this, Lord Shri Ganesh has been considered the first worshiper among all the deities.

Different reasons have been given behind this in the scriptures and Puranas. However, he is said to be the first deity to be worshiped among all. Most people are aware of this. But very few people would know that why only Lord Ganesha is worshiped before Tridev Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh? Let us know about the mythology behind it

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One gets wisdom by worshiping Ganapati

Actually, Lord Shri Ganesha is considered the god of wisdom. And worshiping them removes all kinds of obstacles and obstacles. It is believed that worshiping Ganapati in any auspicious ritual or auspicious work bestows wisdom. Due to which success is achieved in work.

Let us tell you that according to the legend, once a dispute arose among all the gods that who should be worshiped first on earth. All the gods started telling themselves the best from each other. Seeing this, Narad ji asked everyone to go to Lord Shankar and ask him the solution to this problem.

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All the deities reached Lord Shiva

All the deities approached Lord Shiva regarding this problem and told him about the whole situation. Seeing this dispute of the deities, Lord Shiva made a plan to settle it. He organized a competition for this.

As per the competition, all the deities were asked to go round the entire universe by sitting on their respective vehicles. Whichever deity comes back first after circumambulating the universe, he will be considered the first deity to be worshiped on earth.

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Ganesh ji did this work

After listening to Lord Shiva, all the deities took their respective vehicles and set out to circumambulate the universe. Ganesh ji was also involved in this competition and his ride is a rat. The speed of the rat is very slow. And in such a situation, Ganesh ji got thinking.

After this, instead of circumambulating the universe, he circumambulated his parents Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati seven times and stood in front of them with folded hands.

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Highest place given to parents

When all the deities returned after circumambulating the universe, Ganesh ji was already present there and Lord Shiva declared Ganesh ji victorious. Hearing this, all the gods were surprised that how can the whole universe be circled so quickly by riding a mouse.

Then Lord Shiva told that parents have been given the highest position in the entire universe. And they are treated like gods on earth. Instead of going round the universe, Ganesha has revolved around the parents. After listening to Lord Shiva, all the gods agreed with his decision and since then Ganesha has been considered as the first worshipable deity.

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