Nuh Shiv Mandir: Nuh's Nalhad Mahadev Temple Has a Special Relationship With Lord Shri Krishna, Water Continuously Comes Out of Step Tree

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Nuh :- Nuh violence that took place in Haryana a few days ago created a stir in the whole of Haryana. The effect of Nuh violence was also seen in the surrounding areas like Gurugram and Faridabad. Everyone is familiar with Nuh violence. In Nuh violence, the name of a temple Mahadev temple of Nalhad was coming up again and again. Many devotees were stranded in Nalhar Mahadev Temple, who were taken out safely by the soldiers. Only a few people know about Nalhad Mahadev Temple. Let us know in detail about Nalhar Mahadev Temple.

Deep connection of Lord Krishna with Nalhad Mahadev Temple

Nalhad Mahadev Temple is situated in village Gahbar of Firozpur Jhirka in Nuh district of Haryana. This temple is located about 3 km away from Nuh district. This temple has great recognition since the Mahabharata period. Nalhar Mahadev Temple has a deep connection with Lord Shri Krishna. Now you must be thinking that what can be the relation of Mahadev temple with Lord Shri Krishna. So they are like that. Thousands of devotees reach Nalhad Mahadev Temple every day during Shivratri to offer prayers.

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500 feet tall step tree

This temple contains history in itself. According to old legends, when the Mahabharata war took place, Lord Shri Krishna had chosen this temple to make a settlement between the Kauravas and the Pandavas. The height of step tree located in Nalhar is more than 500 feet. Ancient beliefs. That this step tree is found wherever Lord Shri Krishna used to step.

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never run out of water

287 stairs were made in this temple. This is the most important thing about the step tree here. That water always comes out of it. This water is very sweet and clean. A horoscope has been made under this tree. From which water is taken out through the motor. No matter how much water is taken out of the horoscope, but it never lacks water. A large number of devotees come here during Shivratri to offer Kavad.

Posted Date: August 16, 2023

Publish Date: August 16, 2023

Posted By Rahul Bhardwaj

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