Sawan's 5th Monday 7th August, a Wonderful Coincidence is Being Made, Offer These 4 Things To Bholenath, Worship Like This

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Offer These 4 Things To Bholenath, Worship Like This

Sawan Monday 2023: The month of Sawan is very dear to Lord Shiva. Fast will be observed on August 7 i.e. tomorrow's fifth Monday. A very special coincidence is taking place on the fifth Monday of Sawan. Although the shadow of Bhadra will also remain on this day, but its side effects will not affect the earth. Shool Yoga and Ravi Yoga are being formed on this day. Worshiping on this day will increase respect in the society. Bholenath's special blessings will shower and wealth and prosperity will increase.

Offer These Things To Lord Shiva

It is considered very auspicious to offer some things to Lord Shiva on Sawan Monday. If you want to please Mahadev. So definitely offer these things on Shivling during worship.

  • Kheer is very dear to Lord Shiva. According to beliefs, by offering rice kheer to Lord Shiva on this day, lunar defect is removed and mental stress is relieved.
  • Offering Thandai is also considered auspicious. Add milk, curd and dry fruits to the thandai. By doing this, Bholenath gives the boon of health.
  • Offering semolina pudding on Sawan Monday is also considered fruitful. By doing this, happiness and peace remains in the house.
  • Offer five types of seasonal fruits to Lord Shiva during worship. There are beliefs that by doing this one gets new job opportunities and gains money.

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Worship like this

If you are observing Monday fast, wake up early in the morning and take a bath and wear clean clothes. Take a pledge to fast. Go to the Shiva temple and anoint Lord Shiva with Panchamrit. Offer Belpatra, Bhang, Dhatura, Madar's garland, fruits etc. Offer bhog and chant mantras.

(Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is only to share information. does not confirm these things. Do take expert advice.)

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