Shani Dev: These Signs Show The Displeasure of Shani Dev, Start These Measures To Avoid The Outbreak

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These Signs Show The Displeasure of Shani Dev

Yuva Patrkaar, New Delhi : All the seven days of the week are dedicated to one or the other deity. In such a situation, Shani Dev and Hanuman ji are worshiped on Saturday. Shani Dev is called the god of justice. In such a situation, Lord Shani gives fruits to everyone according to their deeds. Those who are blessed by Shani Dev. They get success. The same if Shani Dev's evil eye falls on someone once, then many problems make their home in his life.

Know the movement of Saturn in this way

In such a situation, everyone wants. That Shani (Bad Sign Of Shani Dev) should not bring evil eye on him. Today we are going to give you information about some such bad signs here. From which it is known that the movement of Shani Dev is going to be opposite in your horoscope. Let us tell you about this in detail.

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Slipper breakage :- If Saturn's motion is about to reverse. So its signs are found in this way. As your shoes and slippers start breaking very quickly. Or get stolen. This is also a sign. That Shani Dev's wrath is going to be on you.

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Increasing laziness :- People in whose horoscope Shani's half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half years are going to run. Such people feel lethargic again and again. And they always have tiredness or worry. Not only this, the eyesight also starts decreasing due to this. And the students are also unable to concentrate on studies.

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Bad thoughts coming :- Negative thoughts start coming in a person's mind when Saturn moves in the opposite direction in the horoscope. And many people become victims of drugs. Because of this discord starts in the house. Apart from this, there is loss in work. And can also get cheated by the partner.

Whitening of hair :- Saturn's (Shani dev) crooked eyes are about to fall on you. So you start having physical problems like joint pain, hair graying, hair fall.

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Measures to reduce the wrath of Shani Dev

Wearing Gemstones :- When Shani has a crooked eye, you should wear Neelam or Jamunia Ratna of five and a half ratti. Get it fixed in Panchadhatu and wear it after getting Shodashopchar Puja and Pran Pratishtha done on Saturday. If you wish, you can also wear it by keeping it in raw cow's milk at night and consecrating it in Ganges water in the morning.

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Herbs :- Shani Dev can also be made favorable by herbs. are called That on Saturday, when there is Pushya Nakshatra, tie the root of nettle herb and the root of Shami in a black thread and wear it on the right arm. By doing this Shani's wrath starts reducing.

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Helping others :- Shani Dev is the god of justice. In such a situation, those who always do good deeds. Shani Dev always blesses him. In such a situation, always respect elders and help the needy. Along with this, Shani Dev is pleased by lighting a lamp of mustard oil on Saturday.

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