Today's Horoscope: The Day is Pleasant For Aries, Cancer, Libra & Pisces, Know How Will Be Your Day Today

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Today's Horoscope: The Day is Pleasant For Aries, Cancer, Libra & Pisces, Know How Will Be Your Day Today

Horoscope 04 August 2023: According to the Sanatan Hindu Panchang, on August 04, at 04.16 pm, the second date of Sawan Krishna Paksha is followed by the third date. The day is auspicious. Today, there are coincidences of good luck and Shobhan Yoga with Dhanishtha and Shatabhisha Nakshatra.

Moon is in Aquarius today and Sun is transiting in Cancer. Due to the influence of all the 9 planets and 27 constellations, today, August 04, 2023, for all the 12 zodiac signs, the day is likely to be something like this. Read your horoscope today.

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Your boss will be very happy with your work, can praise you. Business partner can manipulate you. There are strong chances of you getting physical and mental happiness. Long distance travel is becoming possible.


Your proposal can get good appreciation from your officials. Old memories can be fresh. The day can be worried about new plans. Today you will receive some important information from your family.


Trust in luck and keep working with confidence. Today there can be estrangement between you and your colleagues. Family members can disappoint you about something. You can get distracted by something related to your family members.

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Today your day is likely to be good for new investment. Today you will feel very light and agile. There is a possibility of a family member visiting your home. Someone is slowly trying to get closer to you.


Someone's health may deteriorate at home. Worry will dominate. Your partner will pressurize you for something special. For the students, today is leading your career towards success. The mind will move towards spiritual contemplation.


Today your officers will be very happy with your work and thoughts. Thoughtful and effective work will be completed. Family members will create trouble in the matter of property. Can be greatly influenced by the partner on something.


All your disputes related to land and property can be resolved today. Mental exhaustion and stress will go away due to the end of problems. Be careful while interacting with the officer, keep them happy.

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Physical and mental happiness are good yogas to stay perfect. My mind is wandering about the new plan. It's a time of confusion. Due to unfavorable weather and fatigue, you may develop eye pain. Will be happy with the behavior of his partner.


Today you will feel mentally weak in the beginning of the day, but by the evening your thoughts will get stronger. Family members are expecting emotional support from you. Dishes and sweets are the sum of food.

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Today, old things will keep cropping up in your mind, but some confusions will get resolved. Friends can be sad because of what you said. Be restrained. Any unexpected news can spoil your balance. Be patient


There are chances of the unemployed getting a job with a little rush. Today your partner will pressurize you for something special. The mind will be worried about the love affair. The body may become unhealthy. That's why be careful in eating and drinking.


People will be attracted towards you because of your charming personality. Ideologically today friends can be against you. But on persuasion they will agree. Today you will get full support of your partner.

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