Who is Khatu Shyam: Know What is The History of Baba Khatu Shyam, Why He is Worshiped The Most in Kali Yug

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Who is Khatu Shyam: Know What is The History of Baba Khatu Shyam, Why He is Worshiped The Most in Kali Yug

Who is Khatu Shyam :- Different deities are worshiped in Hinduism. You must have also heard about Khatu Shyam Zee. Baba Shyam of Khatu is known by the names of Neele Ghode Wale, Barbarik Maharaj, Sheesh ke Dani etc. There is Baba Khatu Shyam Mandir at Khatu in Sikar district of Shekhawati, Rajasthan. Which is huge and beautiful. Every day a large number of devotees reach Khatu Dham to have darshan of Baba. Baba's devotees have faith. That Baba will definitely listen to them. In such a situation, today we are going to give you information about the complete story of Khatu Shyam.

The grandson of Mahabali Bhima was Barbarik (Who is Khatu Shyam)

Known as Baba Khatu Shyam, 'Khatu Shyam' is related to the Mahabharata period. According to mythological belief, Khatu Shyam was the grandson of Mahabali Bhima among the five Pandavas. Whose name was Barbarik. Barbarik was the best archer in the world. It is said so. That Barbarik could end the entire Mahabharata war with just 3 arrows. In the battlefield of Mahabharata, Barbarik had declared that he would fight from that side which would be getting defeated. Who is Khatu Shyam

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Lord Shri Krishna took the test of bravery

Shri Krishna was also worried due to this announcement of Barbarik. Taking the introduction of Barbarik's bravery, once Lord Shri Krishna told Barbarik that these are trees. If you pierce all its leaves with a single arrow, then I will accept that you are a hero. Barbarik took permission from Shri Krishna and shot his arrow towards the tree. The arrow went on piercing all the leaves one by one. Meanwhile, a leaf broke from the tree and fell down. Shri Krishna hid it under his feet. This was done so that this leaf could avoid being pierced.

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asked for donation

But Barbarik's arrow pierced all the leaves of the tree and stopped at Madhav's feet. Only then Barbarik said that God remove your foot from here because there is a leaf of the tree under your foot. I have asked my arrow to pierce only the leaves of the tree. not your leg. The next morning, Lord Shri Krishna disguised himself as a Brahmin and went to Barbarik's camp and started asking for donations.

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History of Khatu Shyam

Shri Krishna trapped Barbarik in his word trap and asked him for his head in charity. Barbarik voluntarily donated his head for the victory of his grandfather Pandavas. For his sacrifice, Krishna gave Barbarik a boon to be worshiped in his own name in Kaliyuga. Today's abode of Shri Khatu Shyam is the same place. Where Shri Krishna had asked for the head in charity. In Kalyug, Barbarik is worshiped in the name of Khatu Shyam.

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