Cement Price Hike: Building a House Has Become More Expensive, Cement Companies increased Price By So Much in Month of Sep

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Cement Price Hike: Building a House Has Become More Expensive, Cement Companies increased Price By So Much in Month of Sep

Cement Price Hike :- The common people of India are facing the brunt of inflation every day. Now it has become more expensive for people to build houses, shops and commercial properties etc. The reason for this is the increased rates of cement in the month of September. During the monsoon season, cement prices decrease due to less construction work. But now as the month of September approaches, due to high demand for cement, cement companies have increased their prices.

Due to weakening of South-West Monsoon, now the time has come for its end. Due to which now construction work is going on in full swing again. In view of the increasing demand for cement in construction work, cement companies have increased their resources. However, it remains to be seen. Whether increasing the price of cement will have any impact on its consumption or not.

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Cement prices increased so much

Cement companies have increased their prices by Rs 10 to Rs 35 per bag. According to Jefferies Limited, they have arrived at this figure after talking to some cement dealers. Is being told. That there was stability in prices in July, which turned into a decline of one-two percent in cement prices in August. But now cement rates have been increased again in September. This is why cement prices are increased after monsoon. So that an increase in the earnings and operating profit of the companies can be seen.

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Comparison with last year's rate

An increase in demand for cement was seen in the April-June quarter. Despite increasing the prices, cement companies focused on increasing the volume and increasing the percentage of market share. Due to this, there has been a slight improvement in the profits of the companies. Cement prices in the June quarter were at Rs 355 per bag, which was marginally lower than Rs 358 in the January-March quarter. If we talk about last year, cement rates in April – June 2022 were Rs 365 per bank. That means this year the price of cement is less than last year.

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Publish Date: September 7, 2023

Posted By Rahul Bhardwaj

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