Mustard Oil Price: Mustard Oil is Getting Cheaper By About ₹ 60 From its Highest Level

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Mustard Oil is Getting Cheaper By About ₹ 60 From its Highest Level

Mustrad Oil Price :- Due to rising inflation, many things are going away from the reach of the common man every day. Due to inflation, the pockets of the middle class families are getting affected a lot. And their kitchen budget is deteriorating. But let us tell you that in the meantime a relief news is being seen. Yes, let us tell you that a decrease is being seen in the prices of mustard oil. In such a situation, people seem very happy. Because they can use oil due to reduced prices. And you can prepare and eat your favorite thing.

Mustard oil is getting cheaper by about ₹ 60 from its highest level

You also do not delay in buying mustard oil because mustard oil is becoming available at a cheaper price of about 60 rupees from its highest level. In such a situation, you can save your money by buying it. Mustard oil was being sold at the highest rate of Rs 210 per liter in Corona. If market experts are to be believed, the rates of mustard oil may increase again in the coming days. In such a situation, you should miss this opportunity and buy new mustard oil. Mustard oil is available very cheaply in the retail markets of the country.

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This is the price in these districts

If we talk about the rate of mustard oil available in the districts of Uttar Pradesh, then the total price of mustard oil in Lucknow is Rs 143 per liter. Along with this, oil prices have also fallen significantly in Sitapur district. Where you can buy for only Rs 144 per litre. Mustard oil is also available very cheap in Muzaffarnagar district of western Uttar Pradesh. Here you can buy oil for a total of Rs.144 per liter.

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Apart from this, the rate of mustard oil in district Saharanpur is only Rs 145 per litre. Whereas in Meerut also the cost of mustard oil is Rs.146. Even in Shahjahanpur, the price of mustard oil is seen at Rs 145 per liter. 143 per liter in Pilibhit. According to experts, you should buy mustard oil now because its rates may increase in the future.

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Publish Date: September 6, 2023

Posted By Rahul Bhardwaj

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