GK Quiz : Which Crop Which Does Not Require Seeds For Sowing?

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Which crop does not require seeds for sowing?

GK Quiz : Many people in the country are preparing for some kind of competitive exam. Therefore, if you are preparing for any competitive exam. So you should know that all competitive exams in India have general knowledge questions.

General Knowledge is an important subject for all competitive exams. So when it comes to the interview round. So the skills of the candidates are measured and the easiest way to measure it is by asking questions. Let us know the answers to some general knowledge questions.

Question – Which country is the largest producer of diamonds?
Answer – The largest producer of diamonds is Russia.

Question – People of which country eat the most pizza?
Answer – American people eat the most pizza.

Question – Which creature has the largest number on earth?
Answer – The number of ants is highest on earth.

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Question – How much time did it take to build Burj Khalifa?
Answer – It took 6 years to build Burj Khalifa.

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Question – In which country is the world's largest cricket stadium?
Answer – The world's largest cricket stadium is in India.

Question – Which color does a dog get angry on seeing?
Answer – Dog gets angry as soon as it sees black colour.

Question – On the banks of which river is the Statue of Unity?
Answer – The Statue of Unity is on the banks of river Narmada.

Question : Which crop does not require seeds for sowing?
Answer – Seeds are not required to sowing sugarcane.

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Publish Date : November 20, 2023

Posted By Abhishek

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